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Proactive Water Removal Programme in advance of E5 Petrol Deliveries

MDM wins contract to offer water removal from petrol tanks in preparation of E5 introduction.

Date: 12/11/12

Most oil companies are issuing statements that tanks must be checked for free water prior to taking delivery of ethanol based spirit. Water and Ethanol are miscible in that these products will form a homogenous solution when in direct contact with each other. The effect can be quite dramatic and can happen very quickly, leading to poor fuel quality and potentially damaging to your business with vehicle breakdowns.

MDM’s contractors will undertake the following procedures on all petrol tanks in preparation for the introduction of E5 by your fuel supplier:

  • Setup safe working area on site
  • Remove water from manhole chambers to below point of access into tanks
  • Check entire base of tank including both dished ends with our constant flow
  • Mobile Tank Filtration System
  • Remove free water (if found) and deposit into suitable containers
  • Dispose of contaminated water at an approved waste transfer station
  • Re-seal tank including all associated fittings on completion of works
  • Ethanol compatible sealant is used when reinstalling fittings and pipework
  • Water free certificate to be issued on completion

Report and Certificate

Following the receipt of our engineer’s report, detailing quantity of water removed and other findings, we will issue the site with an E5 Preparation Certificate to prove to your fuel supplier you have had the work completed.

Should the report infer that further works or testing be necessary we will advise you accordingly.

E5 and your storage tanks as an ongoing process

As long as fuels contain Ethanol, at content level of E5 or above, you will need to maintain an ongoing proactive approach to your storage tanks to minimise problems associated with ethanol and water.

  1. Water content in your tanks will no longer remain separated as it does with regular mineral based product.  Once certain levels of water are reached (there is no pre-determined formula, hence the importance of addressing any increase in water levels immediately), the ethanol content of the fuel will absorb the water and cause your fuel stocks to be contaminated.

    The Ethanol / water layer will separate from the base petrol stock in what is called phase separation.

The reversal of this process cannot be done on site. The fuel will have to be uplifted as contaminated.

It is likely that the whole tank stock may require removal from site. This is likely to cause you considerable disruption to the operation of your site

  1. Ethanol is an excellent detergent, and will cause the loosening of any dirt/ sludge etc in your tanks and pipelines. This in turn may cause an increase in filter blockage in your dispensers and under pump valves / filters , and other fuel delivery problems
  2. The addition of a bio fuel element to your fuel tanks may also lead to an increase in microbial activity, again leading to the build up of slime etc on your pipelines, filters and fuel dispensers. Biocide treatments are a short term solution to these problems, but ultimately good tank management will be the answer. Please speak to us if you are concerned about the state of your tanks, or if you are experiencing any of the above symptoms and require advice or a plan of action to address the problems

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