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Solution to Theft of Diesel directly from Retail Petrol Station Underground Storage Tanks

MDM's anti-theft solutions are a big hit in underground storage tanks

Date: 01/10/12

MDM Services Ltd a specialist Petroleum Services Contractor to the oil industry, based in Newport are reporting that a number of their clients have experienced overnight major diesel fuel thefts from their underground storage tanks; the thieves appear to be targeting sites with direct fills. The average amount being stolen is approximately 6000 litres.

Thieves are gaining access into the underground tanks by breaking the standard lock, removing the camlock or screw fill cap from the direct fill, allowing unrestricted access to pump fuel directly from the underground tank into a mobile bulk container or containers.

As a result of these thefts, MDM services, researched this problem in consultation with their clients and developed their own underground Fuel Tank Anti-Theft System, MDM have installed Fuel Anti-Theft systems all over the country; most of these sites had previously reported fuel stolen directly from their underground storage tanks.

The Anti-Theft System is designed to retrofit 3`` and 4`` direct fills, Duncan Amos (MD) anticipates that if it becomes harder for the thieves to gain access and to a determined opportunist they will look at other means of getting into the tank, with this in mind, they developed the system to be retrofitted onto O/Set fills, probe risers or any pipe riser, which would allow any `would be opportunist` access into tanks.

To demonstrate how tough the system is, MDM built a mock tank lid and installed the security device onto a 4`` direct fill, complete with camlock. Two of their strongest engineers were briefed to break into the tank using a 1.8 metre wrecking bar, after 40 minutes, `much to everyones delight both engineers appeared very exhausted and rather agitated, having failed to gain access.

Both cap and security locking pin will be attached to the riser using a chain in case the driver or site operator drop them into the manchamber, during delivery. All systems have their own key and unique identity, meaning that no one site has the same keys. A record of each unit supplied and installed is maintained at MDM`s Head Office.

MDM Services recently attended a retail petrol station in Wales that reported a loss of 6000 litres of diesel. The thieves smashed all the CCTV cameras and floodlights, before entering the site to illegally uplift fuel.

A site survey of the manchamber may be required to establish chamber height and pipework dimensions.

For further information on the MDM Anti-Theft system,

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