Temperature Volume Compensation for petrol & diesel  fuel dispensers

TVC for petrol and Diesel

Temperature Volume Compensation for petrol & diesel fuel dispensers

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Temperature Compensation Retrofit Kit

TVC temperature compensation

Our TVC Retrofit kits were the first to be approved by UK Weights and Measures for fitting to any electronic counter on a petrol pump.

 All fuels , when sold at a temperature  that is different to the one  that they were purchased at, will result in either a loss or gain to the retailer. If the selling temperature is lower than the purchase temperature, there will be a loss to the retailer, and conversely if the selling temperature is higher than the purchase temperature , there will be a gain to the retailer 
Temperature compensation commonly known as ATC allows the retailer to iron out these losses / gains, at least back to 15˚C, by recalculating the dispensing volume back to an accepted standard temperature. In Europe this is 15˚C *commonly known as V15. If the retailer were to purchase their fuel at V15 (i.e. temperature compensated), and then sell at V15  , all temperature losses would be eliminated.

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